Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Trial class - 体験クラスより

We made Thank-You bouquets with yarn for the host families. The main material we used were 2 slightly different kinds of white roses and Zantedeschias. Even though the materials were the same, the finishing designs have their own characters. The top picture is from Ms.Zennyoji. Creating a herat shape frame, she designed her bouquet to be as if all the flowers were flowing out from her hands. A heart shape can be too girlish, but with its graceful line of Zantedeschia, it maintains its sophistication.
Mr. Furuuchi, the next photo, made a round frame bouquet. He assembled the flowers in a way that enhances the shape of those fat roses. Can you believe he had never done any flower arrangement before? I am so sure those bouquet did deliver their heartfelt thank-you to their host family.

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