Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wedding Flowers- ウェディングブーケ


I had an opportunity to make a wedding bouquet the other day. The request was "a classic style bouquet with very gentle and sweet colour." I am so glad to hear that you liked it. Happy wedding, H! Have a lovely brand-new life.

Photography: Keiko Igami
Contact: kei_0322@hotmail.com

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trial Class - 体験クラスより

Here are the designs Satoko made the other day during her 3-days arrangement classes. This Round Arrangement has a base constructed with Lavender stems.

This Candle Arrangement has very summery feel to it. An ideal design for a garden party.

It is a well-balanced standing arrangement. You can see strong power of flowers through this design,just like burning flame.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vegetative Round - 植生的なラウンドアレンジを作ってラベンダーを使って

You might think it is easy to make a round arrangement, but, in fact, you would be surprised how much attention requires to create a good balanced design. In our Advanced Class, we are making Vegetative Round Arrangements.

This is from Miho, who came to Hampstead class while she was in London on her holiday. Her design has a subtle colour Hydrangea with several different kinds of foliage. A very sweet arrangement.

This is Masayo's design. She chose those beautiful Carnations which she fellin love with at first sight. Very tender and quiet.

Satoko's design has a few additional interests. Please check how sweet a small bunch of Lavender on the design, and a gorgeous cerise Cordyline fruticosa leaf sitting in its focal area.

From Bloomsbury Class, this is Yoko's design. This clean and fresh colour scheme was an inspiration from a window container she saw and loved. It has a good balance, too.

Yukiko has made this romantic design. A wide range of material, which was well chosen and mixed were surrounded by scented Lavender.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kew Garden - キュー・ガーデン

With some of my colleagues from the Flower Arrangement classes, we visited Kew Garden Open Evening. There were a field of wildflowers, a view of Syon Park over the Thames, many birds flying back to their sweet homes, and some roses glowing like a torch in the dusk. Although it was rather brief,of course, we had some nice picnic among them! Flowers after the sunset looked much quieter with the cool breeze, and they reminded me of how I used to walk back from the school through a vast rice field. Anyway, have you notice the difference in flower scents in the evening?
Thank you so much to all the colleagues who made it for such a beautiful time!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From the July Workshop - ワークショップからの作品

The theme for Workshop in July was "without any use of water retaining foam." We all exchanged techniques and information on flowers, so, naturally, we had some good chat during the workshop, although everyone was so concentrating on their own designs! In fact, they never stopped developing their idea and designs.

This is from Yoshiko. The design has such a delicate quality within, yet it shows boldness and stability through the material she chose.

Yukiko's design is capturing the expression of materials 'being growing up' very well here. You can see them so alive!

Akiko made her arrangement without being restricted by the size of her own dish. The materials are swinging from side to side, so you can visualise the landscape beyond its outline.

This is Miho's work. With some small buds, she has created a very natural design here. It looks as if it was cut off from a beautiful summer garden.