Monday, June 06, 2011

Agenda for this week - 今週のお題

Rain, after seemingly a long dry period. Now, it was properly rained! Can you see the difference in colour of street trees - what a brilliant green it is now!

Now, it is time to get even closer to flowers with one's hands! Yes, next 2 weeks, we are practicing Hand-Tied arrangements.
With Basic class, we will practice on of the basic skill - spiral methods for hand-tied. SOme of you might have seen a florist making a beautiful arrangement in his/her hands - ever so quickly! If you are able to do the same, then, it would be fun and useful: you can play with flowers more freely! The design above is created by Ai.

With Advanced Class, we will be practicing Hand-Tied arrangements as well, but in a slightly different style. The finished design would be much flatter in profile, so each material in the design will show off its unique texture more. You can incorporate some more unconventional items in your design, too. The result? A very individual style. The design on the right is created by Keiko.

I know what you are thinking: "Hand-Tied can be tricky ..." Well, don't be afraid, and let's try it! You will find it rather fun!