Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Demonstration - デモンストレーション



I was asked to do a bit of flower demonstration the other day. This is a photo from it, and I was making a wedding bouquet (well, I know, it might not look like it... but it is a wedding bouquet). My explanation was not eloquent at all, so it must have been really difficult to keep listening トwhat I was saying... Thank you for being so patient! I made an arrangement and another wedding bouquet on this slot. Later, I received a comment from a gentleman saying 'I have very little idea of the floral world but you made it fun too.' For this emotion, just for this comment, I felt it was worthwhile making some work for.

Talking to someone I do not know with my poor English was tiring, but this comment really lifted me up. I was walking on the cloud on my way home.

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