Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feeling grateful for this glorious day - ありがたい、この日だまり



If I had this bench...

......well, I would have been having a nap for sure.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vase Arrangement with Frame - フレームを使った花瓶のアレンジ(バーズアレンジメント)


This is Michiko’s design. Those beautiful Peonies stood up really well in this intriguing minimal design, with a Fatsia leaf at its base to give good visual weight. It was a well-structured design.

Yuri created this design. This hand-made frame has rather cool colour scheme with airy feel to it: a beautiful contrast to Daffodils - a sign of Spring. With an Fatsia leaf behind the frame is enhancing not only its visual balance, but also the colour of shining yellow from Daffodils.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vegetative Up-right -ベジタティブ(植生的な)アレンジを作って


This is Keiko’s design. Each material has bursting energy, growing towards the Sun! Doesn’t it make you feel happy?

This arrangement is designed by Kanako, who chose Tulips and Hyacinthus - very seasonal flowers. The arrangement has a good composition and movement - they just look like they are trying to reach the Spring Sun!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Line and Limited HT


This is Michiko’s hand-tied. Although it only had 3 types of flowers (even fewer than 3 stems each!)the design has created a good visual impact. Michiko achieved such a fine balance here.


This hand-tied was designed by Megumi. Alliums and Larkspurs were comfortably sitting among those elegant leaves, showing their beauty. Flowers were arranged in different heights and leaving some space between them, so that the design had pleasing flow and space.

This is designed by Kanako. Arching stems and unpredictable movements are some of beauty Spring flowers can offer! Kanako has chosen those can-be-rather-difficult-to-manage flowers to show how fun they are, and it was executed well, too.

This is Yuri's design. You can see each individual flower really well in this hand-tied - a beautiful harmony! Soft movements added by those Jasmine trailings brought a sense of space beyond the arrangement. 

Yuri also created tis design. Sunflowers are one of difficult flowers to deal with especially when yo uare making hand-tieds, but Yuri has managed to secure a good balance here. It is pleasing to your eyes with its good visual balance - so Summery, too!