Saturday, October 21, 2006

Front Facing Arrangements - 伝統的なアレンジを作って

Front facing arrangements is one of the traditional English styles in flower arranging. Therefore, naturally, we make it during our classes. The top right picture is from Etheer who used white and blue in her work, with elegant Hosta leaves, which has added extra visual interests and weight to the arrangement. The bottom left picture is from Sanae; successfully defined the shape of the arrangement with beautiful Blue Cornflowers. Her colour combination is so HER! Kazuko, on the middle left, and Marie, on the middle right, who had joined recently, shared the same material of Spring Flowers; Tulipa, Iris, Stock. The contrast of Blue and Yellow brought vitality to the designs. The bottom left is from Mariko, who used several foliages in this design; Good shape with more visual interest in it.

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