Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Class cancellation and Charity Concert in Aid of Japan Earthquake Disaster

Our colleague, Stilton, has already mentioned it on her blog, but this is a reminder. There is a Charity mini concert in aid of Japan Earthquake Disaster. Detail is from the link below.


Flower arrangement lesson: I am regret to inform that we are going to cancel the class on 24th March. My sincere apology for changing your plan.




Shut your eyes, and cover your ears: but the savage reality is still there.
Praying for no more sorrow, praying for asmile to come back to your eyes.

Let's stay strong, NIPPON!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

For this week - 今週のお題

March is finally here! Y0u can now see the arrival of new season; like time-capsules, some spring bulbs which have endured through savage winter are now ready to come out to the atmosphere. There are, of course, many spring flowers around in the market, but those wild flowers growing near road side seem to have real energy. They are telling me "it is a new season!".
For 2 weeks, we are making Hand-Tied arrangement with Basic Class. You might have seen this in a florist in London. As you can see, it is a perfect gift. This hand-tied was created by Junko.

With Advance Class, we are making Front Facing Hand-Tied for next 2 weeks. It is very useful when it comes to presentation; concert, party..etc. Let's try to make it with negative space and height. This summery bouquet is Megumi's design.