Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Classes - Parallel Arrangement を作って(クラスの作品から)

This is Keiko's arrangement. The flowers used here had beautiful stem line, shooting out from the ground and trying to reach the sky... It is another point to take note what a  clever way of using Aspidistra at the base of the design.

 This is also from Keiko. Even though the design style was the same as the previous one, Keiko created a design with completely different feel to it. With rather small blooms, each material was given good negative space - and it was not monotonous at all. It really is a beautiful design.

Yumi has created this design. Iris has such a beautiful profile, with its curving stem... This design style can really enhance this side of beauty in flowers, I think. And, of course, Yumi has done it so rightly. Not that many flowers being used, but there was no sense of lacking anything here.

This design was created by Mayo, who chose these material to enhance the design concept: it is different from the previous 3 arrangements. This one is, as you can see, a HORIZONTAL style. Orange Gerberas in this design brought good visual impact to this design.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From the classes - Front Facing - フロントフェイシング=アレンジメントを作って

This is Yuri's arrangement. Look at the variety of foliage in this design! They created beautiful movement in the design - it is like a Sun blasting out bright light. Such an eye-catching arrangement.

This is also Yuri's design. It has very interesting combination of materials and unique STYLE with mixing them, which really attracts anyone's attention to this design. What do you think?

Kishiko has created this design. Ginger has such an intriguing facial expression, and Kishiko has captured them really well here. Can you feel the strength each material holds within? And, can you see the power of growing up from this design?

This is Miho's arrangement. After a long hot Summer day, you would be so happy to see this design waiting for you at home... as if giving a fresh cool shower to your exhausted soul. Miho has shown another side of those Helianthus (Sunflowers) - gentle and light.

Kishiko has created this airy design. It demands attention to be seen in a gentle manner with its beautiful colour contrast. Isn't it a perfect arrangement for the season - it almost makes you feel a nice breexe from afar field.  

This is Yumi's arrangement. We all know about Growth Point when you make arrangements. You can almost pin-point it in this design. Each material has spread its line beautifully here, yet, the whole design looks so visually stable.

Yumi also created this design. The material being used here are generally very gentle and fine sorts. Can you feel a gentle breeze coming from it?

Friday, June 21, 2013

From the classes - 花瓶アレンジを作って Vase Arrangement

This is Michiko’s design. So crisp, yet so tender. It looks like a well-balanced round arrangement created on a block of floral foam. Well, in fact, it is a round arrangement in a VASE – without any additional mechanics! No wire, no tape, no nothing – just flowers and foliage! Isn’t it amazing?

This is designed by Nobuko. A fabulous Peony is surrounded by Summer flowers – each one of them has quite unique shape and texture. It is a lovely combination of material, as well as perfect mechanic inside the vase.

Mayo has created this design. Its beautiful profile really shows Mayo’s good design skill. Each flower was also placed with right angle, right length to enhance its own beauty.

This is Yumi’s design. It has lovely warm glow. Each material was placed in good position to enhance the shape of this elegant design.

アヤコさんによる作品です。個性的な花材と色の組み合わせで、見る人を "どきり" とさせる作品ではないでしょうか?このように重量感のある花で作るのは、見た目以上に難しいんです。。。カッコのいい仕上がりですね。
This arrangement was created by Ayako. Visually stunning – very dramatic combination of materials here. In fact, it is much harder to create a good shape like this when you use heavy flowers... It demands attention, and naturally, it should.  very cool design!

Monday, June 17, 2013

やっと出会えたね。。。At last ...

 There are some THINGS that we know they do exist, but hardly have a chance to come across... Now, one of these THINGS, at last, came along.


This menu looks pretty ordinary, yet...
(... it is full of dishes which tickle my curiosity, I must say) 

Look...there it is! 

Yes, "Battered Mars Bar" 



Maybe it is not that interesting, but, for me, it was! 
Although I wanted to try it, my colleagues gave me some stiff health-related advices, which made me giving up the idea. I ended up just taking a photo of this menu.

I still have a lot to learn about this country...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

シュウ富岡さんによる写真講座 - Photography classes by Shu Tomioka



We are now in the middle of June, which is supposed to be the beginning of SUMMER... however, the reality is far from it. Well, at least, these cheerfully bright Marigolds are reminding me of the season.


The professional photographer, Shu Tomioka, is now running a photography classes in Hampstead - I took the previous lesson, and it was full of new discovery. Unfortynately, the class is currently conducted only in Japanese, however if you are interested in taking his lesson in the future, please contact him via e-mail address provided below.

Thanks to Shu's lesson, I can edit photos I took now - the 1st and 2nd pictures here are the same - the 2nd one was tweeked a little bit. Do you think it is better? I hope so...


写真教室 講師:シュウ富岡

花の撮り方②  構図の実践と、失敗から逃げる秘訣


講師:  富岡秀次/Shu Tomioka
日時:  6月21日(金曜日) 11:00 am - 13:00 pm
場所:  ハムステッド・クライストチャーチ教会内


シュウ富岡さんのブログ(Virgin Atlantic ブログ)/Shu Tomioka's blog
シュウ富岡さんの作品集(MySpace/ 作品) /Shu Tomioka's portfolio

Saturday, June 15, 2013

ラウンド=アレンジメントを作って Basic Round Arrangement

This was created by Kaori. With a good, balanced composition in this arrangement, you can see how important to keep some basic rules in design. It is also noted that a strong focal area was created, too.

Yuko has made this arrangement. Its fresh look was enhanced with white and green colour scheme. Yuko has carefully arranged each flower, even those small flowers, to show their faces well.

Toshimi has created this arrangement. A beautiful colour scheme - those Tulipa looked almost glowing with light. Its overall shape was beautifully created as a ROUND design, too.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank you, THE GREAT team!

Was it a dream, or a beginning of beautiful friendship?

Thank you so so much for having me as a part of your team. 
This small table at the midnight was a real treat. Happy work, and happy moments.

See you all again soon.

Pot-et-Fleur 鉢植えのアレンジを作って

Let's start with Toshimi's design. It is just like a cut-off piece from a Spring garden somewhere in London - lush green foliage and Spring flowers. This hand-made ladder brought more imagination to the design, and the movement of Mint added more drama on top of that!

Toshimi also created this design - it was packed with vitality from each plant material, as if trying to reach the sun. Its rather cool color scheme was very much going well together with this pot.
This design was created by Yuri. A delicate looking Adiantum and beautifully scented Convallaria were matched, in this heavy looking pot, with visually heavy Orange flowers - very sophisticated design.

Yuri also created this cute arrangement. Unlike her previous work, it was full of bursting energy - I think Spring bulbs have special character, power and strength. It was a lovely touch from Yuri to add some Ivy around the pot.

Monday, June 03, 2013

クラス日程変更のお知らせ Class cancellation in June

この時期になると、ぐーっと伸び出してくる花があります。みんCow ParsleyとかQueen Anne's Laceって呼んでいるようですが、学術名はAnthriscus sylvestrisと言うそうです。。。まだまだ覚える事がたくさんあります。



Year after year, around this season, you notice this lovely delicate-looking flowers suddenly emerging from the ground, almost utterly out of blue. We call it Cow Parsley or Queen Anne's Lace, but, apparently, its proper name is Anthriscus sylvestris..... I have to learn more new things..... forever.

 Whenever I see this flowers, which is sadly sometime considered as weed, it made me think of how to interpret this airy soft atmosphere in a design. 

How could I do this......?

Anyway, due to some unforeseen circumstances, there will be NO session on 3rd and 13th June at both Hampstead and Bloomsbury location. My sincere apology for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Line and Limited arrangment ライン&リミティッド=アレンジメント


こちらは路子さんの作品です.作品のテーマは、植物の持つ ラインをシンプルな組み合わせで 美しく表現すること。路子さんの作品を見ていただければ、それがとてもよくわかりますね。洗練された作品です。
This is Michiko’s design. The concept of this arrangement is to show beauty of lines and spaces with limited materials. Michiko has created this very sophisticated arrangement, and you see its concept so clearly.

This design is also created by Michiko. It is quite a different design from the previous one: beauty of stillness and tension. Michiko has analysed character of each material and used it accordingly to maximise its beauty in this design. It is very simple, yet you feel as if you are sitting at a corner of a quiet garden on your own.

This design is created by Toshimi. By gathering different style of flowers in one design, Toshimi has brought strong visual impact to this work. There is, undeniably, a feel of morning dew here - despite using some exotic flowers such as Anthurium...