Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our New Colleagues - 新しい仲間達

The Second Crew has started from September, and we welcomed our new colleagues here, Tomoko and Mariko. The top one is from Mariko. This beautifully combined colour scheme of cream and orange in this work shines in the clear autumnal light. Tomoko's work in the next one, with an exotic mixture including some Proteas. Its soft pink blooming among the gorgeous foliage, you get a different impression from the same 'can-be-so-in-you-face' Proteas.They have just joined in, and so good to see them showring their affection to flowers when they make their creations.


mami said...

お二方とも、花を始めたばかりでいらっしゃるのですか? とてもそうとは思えない、素敵なアレンジメントですね。以前、カズさんのレッスンを拝見したときも思ったのですが、花を習い始めて間もない方でも、カズさんのレッスンを受けると、みんな驚くほど素敵なアレンジをつくり出されるんですよね…。こんなに素敵にアレンジできたら、作った方ご本人たちもとてもうれしいでしょうね。

Kazu said...

Mami-san, thank you for your comment. It is very kind of you to say, but the truth is that they have such talents within already. It is so fascinating and privileged to be able to see colleagues in the class blooming as flower artists week by week. They do struggle, but also do find beauty at the end. It is amazing.