Friday, September 27, 2013

No More Evening Classes for a tiem being - 夕方のクラスはしばらくお休みです


London was in deep fog.


The dawn was approaching, yet this corner of the city was still so quiet, yet still deeply alive. 
 The street was simply enjoying this blanket.



The evening class in Bloomsbury is taking a break from this term. The class had been run with full of support and encouragement from many of my friends and colleagues. Without them, simply the class did not have a chance of staying so long. So, thank YOU, and there are more than just these words. One day, maybe, we can gather again.
The morning classes in Hampstead is staying open as usual. So, if you are interested in making your own flower arrangement, please do come along to the morning classes!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

秋のタームは9月26日より Autumn Tem begins on 26th September


It had been fine with only a T-shirt on for a while in London. then, this long, hard and slow rain arrived... The temperature fell dramatically with the wetness, which brought back long coats and scarves among commuters back in London. I thought Summer was supposed be followed by Autumn? Well, it feels different this year.

Despite this Wintery feel in the air, the Flower Market is gearing up to the time for Halloween now. There are so many bright colour under the roof - beautifully rich and subtly glorious Autumnal shades. You can ALMOST carry on wondering in the market for ever.

Why don't you introduce this gorgeous colour to your home - with YOUR OWN flower arrangement?

Anyway, at LivingSeasons, the weekly classes is starting from 26th September 2013.

1)ヴェジタティブ(植生的な)ラウンドアレンジ/Vegetative Round Arrangement

When you feel like making a natural-looking design, this is very useful. You are going to use grouping technique here. This is Michiko's design.  

2)ヴェジタティブ/アップライト/Vegetative Up-Right design

With the same principle as above, but apply it to an Up-Right shape here. Maybe you can see a bit of JAPANESE influence here...?

 こちらは佳奈子さんによる作品です。This is Kanako's design.

3)フロントフェーシングの花束/Front-Facing Hand-Tied

Hand-Tied design has several styles, indeed. This time, we are making Front-Facing one, which would be suitable for stage and presentation.

こちらは裕季子さんによる作品です。This is Yukiko's design.

4)フロントフェーシングの花瓶/Vase arrangement in Front-Facing style

Vase Arrangements has also several styles. This one would be quite useful for your own house/room.


On the previous term, we made Modern Corsages, which you can see its mechanics. In this term, we are taking rather traditional way of making Corsages.

On this Autumn Term, the agendas are here to push your general skills up. It would widen your design skill, too. They might look simple and basic, but they are useful, indeed.

いっ ぽう、これまでクラスに足を向けていただくチャンスを逃していらした方には、基礎の基礎から一緒に始めて行きましょう。丸い形のラウンドアレンジ、三角形 の三方見のアレンジ、基本の花束の作り方、花瓶を使ったアレンジの作り方、そして基礎コースのまとめとなる三日月型のアレンジと進んでいきます。
On Basic Class, the menu is Round, Front Facing, Hand-Tied, Vase arrangement and Crescent design. Let's create some beautiful designs with your own flowers.

花 やアレンジにご興味をお持ちの方、是非一度見学においでになってください。そして、実際にお花に触れてみてください。花に触れる機会が今まで無かった方 も,もちろん大歓迎です!(こちらにご紹介させていただいた作品は、すべてクラスにおいで頂いている方によるデザインです。)
If you are interested in Flowers/creating your own Flower Arrangements, please come along to the class to see what is going on.It really does not matter if you do not have any experience at all!


Looking forward to seeing you in the class!