Monday, November 20, 2006

From Workshop Wedding Work - ワークショップからウェディングブーケのお届けです

The Workshop in Hampstead took the autum Wedding to its theme this time around. The frame is made of wheat to echo the the autumnal theme here. This is Yoshiko's work. YOu can see the elegant flow of the frame and gorgeous Cymbidium orchids. It would reflect the gentle autum light gloriously on wedding dresses.

Line Arrangements - ラインを強調して

ラインアレンジメントは、花材それぞれの持つラインの美しさを見せる事に重点を置いています。裕季子さんの作品は色合わせも美しい、躍動感のある作品です。金魚草、フリージア、カラー、オーニソガラムがそれぞれに絡み合いながら立ち上がっていく姿が美しいアレンジです。Line arrangement is all about to play with the beauty of flower material. Yukiko's arrangement has, with beautiful colour scheme, very organic feeling created by lines of Antirrhinum, Freesia, Zantedeschia and Ornithogalum.

早苗さんの作品では、花の視覚的重量が左右ではかなり違いながら、作品としてみると非常に安定感のある作品として仕上がっています。フリージアのラインが美しく、また花のない空間を非常に上手く作り出しラインの美しさを強調させていますね。Sanae's arrangement is so assymetrical in terms of flower distribution, however, as a piece, it has such a visual stability. With beautiful lines of Freesia, Sanae cleverly creates negative space, which enhances the beauty of this arrangement.

邦子さんは2種類の柳を使い、大きく大胆なラインを描き出しています。葉っぱをきれいに取り払ったバラの茎が、曲がりくねる柳と好対照をなし、作品にメリハリをつけていますね。大きなアレンジを作るのはそれほど簡単ではないのですが、邦子さんは軽やかにこなされていました。Kuniko used two different Salixes here, creating dramatic lines. The rose stems have been cleaned, which show great contrast with twisted Salix. It is notthat easy to make a large scale arrangement, but Kuniko made this arrangement so effortlessly.

イサーの作品は、静かな冬の色です。葉牡丹は低く使いがちですが、このように高い位置に使うと、まるで別の花のように見えますね。シスルのくすんだ青が効いています。Ethaar used quiet winter colour here. Brassica is normally arranged at the lower position, however, she left some of them tall in this arrangement. Now, as a result, you can see its another side of beauty. The grey blue of Eryngium works so well here.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Good News - 嬉しい便り







I used to be in a position to teach Flower Arrangement at one of the London colleges. In the class, T was always in the class with full of enthusiasm. But I also knew she had some up and down in her life. After a while, she started working as a part-time in a flower shop to find out whether it was for her or not. And I knew she was underestimated and was not valued properly there... The college decided to discontinue the class there, so I lost the contact with T, as well.

I saw a florist working with her yesterday at Flower Market, and she told me T was now becoming a full-time staff. According to her, T is enjoying the work and very good at it, too.

' sister is going to be a full time member in a flower design team...' Y told me
yesterday in the Evening Class. Y's sister was also in the same class in the college. She was always smiling and full of positive mentality, concealing all the anxiety she had for her future. Her smile was steming out from her strong WILL power. She came back to Japan, and keep her will, and got a job now.

I am sure everyone knows that working with flowers is not that glomorous nor easy.
But, they still chose to carry on working with flowers. You are not alone, you have many many colleagues here, who will share your joy and sorrow, and always happy support you. So, let's get going!

To be honest, my heart was slightly tired, but now, AGAIN, all my colleagues gave me the ray of light. And, now I can sretch my wings and face the day again. Words does not explain all, but still, THANK YOU.

Front Facing Arrangements - 伝統的なアレンジを作って

Front Facing Arrangement is one of the styles we take on our classes. Yes, in both morning and evening classes. The top one is from Rika, from Hampstead Morning class. You can see the elegant lines of Cream Euphorbia fulgens enhancing the beauty of this substantial arrangement. The chosen colour scheme also looks so good in the room, doesn't it? The middle photo is Tomokos' work, from Bloomsbury Evening class. Orange Leucosperumums with wild bush such as Berzelia and Brunia albiflora are cleverly used in this arrangement. This combination of the material is so her! Tomoko also picked some dry materials from parks and gardens, and they bring more visual interest into this beautiful Autumnal arrangement.The bottom picture is from Ethaar from Evening class. The style is Front Facing, but this is in a vase, without any use of mechanic such as water retaining foam here. Generous use of foliage in this arrangement really creates visual depth to it, as well as its distinctive shape. A touch of blue in colour, a touch of class in this arrangement.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Trial Classes - クリスマス体験クラス


11月24日及び12月1日 両日とも10時から ハムステッド・クライストチャーチ教会にて

12月14日 10時から ハムステッド・クライストチャーチ教会にて
     18時から ブルームスブリー セント・ジョージ教会にて


Christmas is just around the corner now. I know some people who have already started counting the week! Well, in fact, she starts counting the week right after Christmas Day every year! Anyway, we are having some trial classes for Christmas. Why don't you give a try making your own Christmas decoration this year? A Christmas door wreath and a candle arrangement are on the list this year. And all the material we are going to use are provided. So, this is THE opportunity to put your design skill into your Christmas 2006.

Christmas Wreath - Yes, actually MAKING it!
11th November and 1st December from 10:00a.m. at Christchurch Hampstead

Candle Arrangement - with MODERN twist
12th December from 10:00 a.m. at Christchurch Hampstead
from 18:00 p.m. at St. George's Bloomsbury

Class fee: £45.00 per person per item(includes all the material)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Friday Workshop - 金曜日のワークショップ

日程:11月3日 金曜日 10時より
場所:ハムステッド クライストチャーチ
Hampstead Workshops finally resume from this week! The theme for this week is Autumnal Wedding Bouquet. Most ofthe wedding bouquets seen in London are still in posy style with natural stems. And, itis getting to the point we want something different! So, we are making a airy and elegant 'wheat' bouquet. Are you interested? Why don't you come along to see what is going on here?
Time: 3rd November from 10:00am
Location: Hampstead Christchurch
Class fee: £50.00 (includes all the material)