Friday, May 10, 2013

What? - えーっと、、、、ええっ!?


先日まで開かれていた展示会 Light show も、いやーよかったです。何が良かったかって言い出すと、もうとりとめもなくなってしまうので。。。



Hayward Gallery is one of my favourite places in London ...

I managed to get in to this exhibition called Light Show - wow! I LOVED it - would not dare to start explaining why, as I would not shut up.

 Anyway, taking any photograph was prohibited at the exhibition, so, instead, this is a snap shot from its lavatory. I know it can be problematic should you take a photo there... Anyway, what do you think??

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Garden Open for Charity - 週末は、庭を歩いて、、、


... which led me to this simply dreamy garden in Highgate in London. Once you walked in to the site, a panoramic view over London skyscrapers welcomed you. Then, the path took me to a bosom of a deep forest with different shades of green. Some hidden benches were occupied by people enjoying a nice cuppa and a slice of cake, children were seeking for frogs in a pond. Me? I was completely speechless, as if being shot by unexpected delight on every single step, and kept finding myself mumbling Mmmmm..... Ahhhhhhh........Woah......

The garden will be open only one more time in June this year.