Monday, October 02, 2006

See you later - また会おうね

いろんな想いはあるけれど、それぞれの季節をしっかり生き抜いていく。それがリビング・シーズンズ。だから、さよならではなく、心からの応援を込めてSee you later.

Born in a small town in japan, and raised up in the same town. Rarely met anyone from outside. Even now, I do not have much opportunity to mix with a lot of people here, but I know I have to say 'Good-by' someday to those people whom I met.
She is openng her own flower shop in Japan. He is back in photography, and she is supporting him as his rock with smile. She does floristry work even she is on holiday travelling to the Uk. She is flying out to the country where is full of conflicts and risk, as she has something she can do. She is exploring her dream through flowers, as if she did not have a family to support, although she has millions things to do at home. She comes to make her own flower design, but that is after her killingly long day of work at office. He is looking after his friends here, while his parents are waiting for him in his home town to where you need 24 hours to get by air. They are pondering moving to Canada. Anyone who are dreaming of coming back to one's home sweet home town oneday.
Withe one's own dream, people are pass through this town. Because everyone has one's own dream, the time when I have to say Good-by might have to come.
This is LIVINGSEASONS: live up each season of life, bearing thousands of thoughts. So, let's not say Good-by. With my wholeherated cheers, See you later!

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