Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bloomsbury Evening Class - ブルームスブリーの教室から

Ethaar is one of our colleagues who has been in the course from the very beginning. This is her round arrangement. She made this arrangement when she had very little experience, however, she made very summery and controlled arrangement. White Gypsophilia looks as if summer clouds floating above the field of Sunflowers and Cornflowers.


Jonathan said...

Hello Kazu,
Your japanese workshop pages should be working now (at last!) Can you have a quick look to make sure I;ve copied out OK?


Kazu said...

Hello, Jonathan
Yes, yes, yes! Thank you ever so much for your time and effort. Was it that huge double slices of sticky pudding which gave you the extra power to stay on? Anyway, thank YOU, my IT Guru!
Kazu x