Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pot-et-Fleur 鉢植えのアレンジを作って

Let's start with Toshimi's design. It is just like a cut-off piece from a Spring garden somewhere in London - lush green foliage and Spring flowers. This hand-made ladder brought more imagination to the design, and the movement of Mint added more drama on top of that!

Toshimi also created this design - it was packed with vitality from each plant material, as if trying to reach the sun. Its rather cool color scheme was very much going well together with this pot.
This design was created by Yuri. A delicate looking Adiantum and beautifully scented Convallaria were matched, in this heavy looking pot, with visually heavy Orange flowers - very sophisticated design.

Yuri also created this cute arrangement. Unlike her previous work, it was full of bursting energy - I think Spring bulbs have special character, power and strength. It was a lovely touch from Yuri to add some Ivy around the pot.

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