Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Classes - Parallel Arrangement を作って(クラスの作品から)

This is Keiko's arrangement. The flowers used here had beautiful stem line, shooting out from the ground and trying to reach the sky... It is another point to take note what a  clever way of using Aspidistra at the base of the design.

 This is also from Keiko. Even though the design style was the same as the previous one, Keiko created a design with completely different feel to it. With rather small blooms, each material was given good negative space - and it was not monotonous at all. It really is a beautiful design.

Yumi has created this design. Iris has such a beautiful profile, with its curving stem... This design style can really enhance this side of beauty in flowers, I think. And, of course, Yumi has done it so rightly. Not that many flowers being used, but there was no sense of lacking anything here.

This design was created by Mayo, who chose these material to enhance the design concept: it is different from the previous 3 arrangements. This one is, as you can see, a HORIZONTAL style. Orange Gerberas in this design brought good visual impact to this design.

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