Monday, June 18, 2007

Spiral Arranangements - スパイラルアレンジを作って

The theme for this session was 'Spiral'. We made some fine arrangements creating some swirling circles within the designs so that the movement and dynamism of the material are shining through.

From Hampstead Advanced Class, this is Tomoko's work. Various bulb flowers were carefully manipulated to create these graceful lines.

From Bloomsbury Advanced Class, this is Yukiko's design. The crossing stems of Tulipa and Aspidistra elatior enhanced the beauty of this design.

Ethaar created this very organic style arrangement. Those swirling lines created with Eucalyptus look like as if they were slowly moving.

Kuniko's design has a quite muted colour scheme, yet, she carefully arranged each material for the right position so that the design showed more dynamism.

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