Friday, June 08, 2007

Vase Arrangements - 花瓶に花を活けて

The use of water retaining foam is quite common when flower arrangement is made, however, sometimes you do notfeel like using it for various reason. Maybe you would like to make a very simple arrangement without the foam. Hence, we are making Vasearrangements in the Classes. Of course, no foam, no wire inside, and no cellotape on the mouth of the vase!
Here are some fine works from Bloomsbury Class. Tomoko's work is quite different and still attractive, as its rather unique combination of Paeonia and Leucospermum cordifolium.

This design is from Ethaar. Using plenty of foliage and greenery, Etheer created this very fresh-feeling arrangement. Although it is rather unususal for her to choose pink colour, it works!

Those glorious Amarylis (Hippeastrum) are surrounded and supported by graceful Eucalyptus in this elegant Megumi's work.

Kazuko has chosen very earthy and quiet colour combination in order to show off the beauty of Calla (Zantedeschia) in the middle of her design.

Marie has created this beautifully shaped vase arrangement by paying attention to each material.

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