Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flat Hand-Tied - フラットな花束を作って

In general, it is a posy-style bouquet which is packed with foliage and flowers in a dome-shaped when you order a 'Hand-Tied" at London florists. Then, can we have slightly different style?...so, here we are! We made some beautiful flat-style Hand-Tied arrangements in the class together.

The first design is from Tomoko at Hampstead Class. What strikes your eyes is the sleek contrast of smooth Aspidistra elatior and Gerbera grootbloemig 'Serena'. A very attractive design.

The next design is from Yukiko at Bloomsbury Class. The line of flowers, stems, foliage and grass are beautifully enhanced by keeping good space between in this soft design.

Tomoko is also from Bloomsbury Class. Tomoko has brought various material into the design, however, it still kept light and airy feling in this well constructed design.

Kuniko has made this arrangement at Bloomsbury class. Even though there are very little flower material in this design, it is still very attractive, just like a carewfully weaven craft with various summer grass.

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