Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From the July Workshop - ワークショップからの作品

The theme for Workshop in July was "without any use of water retaining foam." We all exchanged techniques and information on flowers, so, naturally, we had some good chat during the workshop, although everyone was so concentrating on their own designs! In fact, they never stopped developing their idea and designs.

This is from Yoshiko. The design has such a delicate quality within, yet it shows boldness and stability through the material she chose.

Yukiko's design is capturing the expression of materials 'being growing up' very well here. You can see them so alive!

Akiko made her arrangement without being restricted by the size of her own dish. The materials are swinging from side to side, so you can visualise the landscape beyond its outline.

This is Miho's work. With some small buds, she has created a very natural design here. It looks as if it was cut off from a beautiful summer garden.

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