Monday, February 04, 2008

Corsage - コサージュを作って

It might look quite easy to make a corsage, but, in fact, it does take some time and effort to get it right. And, of course, it is worth making your own piece, as it has real quality you can expect only from fresh flowers!

This is from Tomoko. The sweet scent from Polianthes tuberosa floats from a good frame of variegated ivy leaves.

Keiko's corsage is created in a very gentle, yet so stable manner with all different small flowers.

Yoko created this neat looking corsage. Crimson-colour Dahlia 'Viking' really show its beauty here.

モダンコサージュを作られたのは裕季子さんと邦子さんです。裕季子さんは花が雫のようにこぼれ落ちる姿を,邦子さんは流れる葉の小舟に乗った花の姿をうまく捉えていますね。Yukiko and Kuniko made these modern corsages. Yukiko interpreted dews from a flower cup here, and Kuniko translated a leaf floating on a stream into a delicate corsage design.

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