Monday, February 25, 2008

Parallel Arrangement - パラレルアレンジを作って、

The theme was Parallel Arrangements in Vertical style. Here are some designs from our Hampstead Class.

This is from Y.Tomoko. The design has good balance and visual contrast with materials. Dendranthemas are showing another side of its character here with their stripped stems.

S. Tomoko has created this blooming design. Freesias are showing its beautiful lines and movement here.

This is Tomomi's design. Its clear colour combination helps to sften the bitter winter weather here in London. Its sence of space in the design is great, too.

H. Keiko created this not-too-sweet design with pink Tulipas. Yes, Tulipa can be rather seductive. Blue Agapanthus are blooming as if they were fire works in the design.

K. Keiko used Orange as its themed colour here. Its combination of interesting visual texture gives visual warmth to the viewers.

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