Monday, February 18, 2008

Asymetrical - 左右非対称のアレンジを作って

From Hampstead Class, this is Tomomi's arrangement. Its visual impact is strong; bright and full. The arrangement has a good visual balance,too.

From Bloomsbury Class, Yoko, Yukiko, Kuniko and Sanae made this style arrangement.

Yoko paid careful attention to the shape of foliage really well here. Camellia's leaves look like as if they were actually growing in this arrangement.

Yukiko created beautiful positive/negative space in this arranegemt. Even though there were not many material in it, the work still has not lost its appeal.

Kuniko's choice/mixture of material here is superb; good contrast of texture and sizes provided the arrangement with visual depth.

Sanae captured the expression of Lilium in this arrangement. With its strong structure, the work has a sophisticated sharpness.

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