Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From the previous Christmas Workshop - 昨年のクリスマス一日教室より

Here are some designs created at Christmas Special Workshops from last year.

Kie has created this Advent Candle design. Natural material was her predominant choice here - especially Ivy berries were the signs of season! Each week on  Sunday through Advent, an additional candle is lit - and wait for Christmas to come. Yes, it is not that far off now... Kie's design was very intricate and eye-catching one, indeed!

Tomoe has designed this Table Candle Arrangement. This doll standing next to the arrangement apparently came all the way from Germany - what a great combination! Those muted colour ever green really made this design grand and luxurious. 

Keiko has made this Table Candle Arrangement. The beauty of this design is as if it were bursting with energy from within. Its warm colour scheme was so beautiful, that I was so keen to see how it looked when all the candles were lit up. Then, did you notice, this design has a different set of candles...Yes! You will have 2 sets of different type of candles- of course, you will take both sets back home with you. 1 set for leading up to Christmas, then a new set for Christmas Day. We sourced different style candles from last year - so, why don't you come and see them?

Hanae has made this design. Those Apple-shaped candles on the design were well positioned. Although this was a traditional design, Hanae has decided to put her own stamp on it - by bringing in an Ivy twig to her design. A quiet design with a twist, literally! A rich combination of different shades of ever-green was also its winning point - so gorgeous!

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