Thursday, October 11, 2007

Round Arrangement - 最初の一歩

Most people who have joined the Class have not had any experience of making flower arrangement before. So, it is not surprising that you feel quite nervous when you cut a flower stem for the first time. Although it might have been their first time, look! At the end of the class, they have made these lovely arrangements.

From Hampstead Class, this is Mie's design. The use of Gypsophilia was just right, so that the design kept its freshness.

This is Tomoko's design. Scarlet is the obvious colour choice here, but Tomoko has created good visual interest through different texture.

This work is made by Keiko. This beautiful dome shape was the result of her careful arrangement of various spray Chrysanthemum.

This is Mako's design. Solidago is a rather tricky material to use in an arrangement, however, Mako has used this material to fill the gap well, and to foam its shape even better.

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