Monday, October 08, 2007

Europa Cup 2007 - ヨーロッパ・カップ 2007

開催されたのは、Sloveniaにある Velenjeという人口3万人ほどの街。電車の駅もこんな感じで、なんだか自分の田舎を思い出させてくれました。(この駅の駅長さんには、実は大変に御世話になったのです。)
It was a town called Velenje in Slovenia. Its population is about 30.000, and is surrounded by beautiful mountain and kind people. This is Velenje station, which reminded me of my local station in Japan. (Asa matter of fact, I was saved by this station and a gentleman who was in charge of this station on that day. Thank you very very much for your kindness and generousity! I should have asked his name...)

会場は街にあるスポーツ施設,The Red Hall。 スロベニア語で書いてありますが,赤いカーネーションが今大会の目印です。
The Red Hall was the venue for Europa Cup 2007. ????? It was written in Slovenian, but this big red Carnation is the sign forthis year's event!

初日の最初の課題は、"(長靴下のピッピ)Pippi's Feast"。10:00の開場とともに、ヨーロッパ20カ国からやって来た各国の代表がもモクモクと作業を始められました。
The first task was 'Pippi's Feast'. The doorwas open at 10:00, and all the florists from 20 European countries started working towards their designs.

I had been really really looking forward to this Europa Cup 2007. It was full of surprise, some issues I faced, new and inspiring ideas and genuine smile on people's faces. I am hoping that we can share some moments from this even here.


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