Sunday, July 08, 2007

Round Arrangements - ラウンドアレンジを作って

花の教室でも、この7月から新しいシーズンが始まりました。各シーズンの最初のベーシッククラスでは、ラウンドアレンジを取り上げています。July 2007: A new season has began at LivingSeasons flower Arranging Classes. Round arrangement is the first design to make at the first class on Basic Classes.

Keiko's design is full of Spring Sun! Acacia is bursting out like the sunshine.

Sanae has made this visually strong, yet delicate arrangement, which maintained nuance within.

This work is from Keiko. How natural this arrangement is! It is just like an air of wild meadow.

Miki has set her a new challenge: using Eryngium. And, as you can see, she successfully mix this within her design.

Satoko has been on Advanced Class for a while, and on her 'Your Own Choice' day, she chose this Round Arrangement. The result was a marvelous one. Beautiful colour and form. This trailing Ivy ('Hedera helix') added even more depth to this work.

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