Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buddleja davidii - 植物のしたたかさを感じたのは。。。

いつも御世話になっているのが,テムズ川を南に渡ったところにあるVauxhall駅。市場へ向かう途中の、半分寝ぼけた目と頭を,はっと一瞬にして覚ましてくれたのがこの風景です。Buddleja davidiiは,この季節ロンドンのあちこちで見かける事が出来る花ですが,まさかこんなところでお目にかかれるとは、、、。足元もしっかりせず、根を張る場所も限られながら、一生懸命に、そして無心で咲いていました。なんだか、元気をもらった朝の一コマです。
Vauxhall tube station is on the south of Thames river in London. As you know, I do not have a car, I use tube to get to the flower market. This Vauxhall station is the one I travel to if I use tube. Normally, I am walking towards the market with my half sleeping eyes and brain. But the other day, I was pleasantly awaken by these flowers. Buddleja davidii is a quite common plant in London, especially this time of year, they are all over the place. Bu, I was not expecting to see them here... Not much space to grow, and limited amount of soil, these were just blooming, with no ego. What a blissful moment. They gave me so much energy and smile.

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