Wednesday, January 23, 2013

遠足のお誘い - Can I come with you?

Have you seen how rice grow? How about vegetables being cultivated in big scale? Did you know that peanuts grow in the soil? I know, I know, you know...But, I think this is some of the perks you do have if you happen to grow up in country side. Me? Yes!




こんなにきれいに咲いているんです!, so beautiful!

コーヒーブレークって言う品種だそうです。欲しい!A cultivar called Coffee Break - I wanted it!

Its scent reminded me of summer garden. (foolish of me to lose its cultivar name...)

Even though I was grown up right next to a rice field, I did not have any chance to see roses being commercially cultivated. All the flowers we encounter at the market are normally cut in the same size, bundled, and neatly packed. I was always wondering how they were BEFORE they arrive at the market. 

Then, one day, one of my great colleagues, my long-standing friend and someone I always admire, Flower shop Kuri-no-Ki kindly sent me a truly wonderful invitation to a rose farm! (By the way, her blog is a must-read if you love flowers! I will write about her another day...)

So, I went out for a day to meet those roses.

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