Sunday, February 11, 2007

Parallel Arrangement - パラレルアレンジを作って

先週のアドバンスクラスではパラレルアレンジの作製が進められました。これは,パラレルの中でも植生的な姿を捉えたベジタティブスタイルです。朝の教室からは、朋子さんの作品(右上)が登場です。美しく立ち上がる花に囲まれ、見上げるように咲いている白のアネモネ。可憐な表情がありますね。We made Parallel arrangement in Advanced Class last week. Its style is vegetative, and it aim is to capture the way material grows in natural habitat. At Hampstead Class, Tomoko made this style(Top right). Among those beautifully arranged tall flowers such as Leucadendron, white Anemones are showing their sweet faces, just like talking to other flowers.
夜の教室からは三名の作品が登場です。まず真里子さんの作品(左上)。暖かい日だまりで春の花々が一斉に咲き誇り,何かを語りかけてくれているように見えませんか?From Bloomsbury Class, we have 3 arrangements here. The first one is from Mariko (Top left). The flowers are showing off their beauty soaking up the gentle Spring sunbeam. They are blooming as if they are talking to you, aren't they?
次は裕季子さんの作品です(右下)。花材の組み合わせ方が効果的で,とても幻想的な作品に仕上がっていますね。The next one is Yukiko's design (Bottom right). The colour scheme is very effective here: quiet and, yet magical.
容子さんの作品(左下)では、春らしい明るい黄色の中に咲く青いアネモネが印象的です。この青が作品にメリハリを与え、黄色を更に引き立てていますね。The nextone is from Yoko (Bottom left). Among Spring-like yellow, Yoko used blue Anemone, which draw your eyes into. This blue delivers contrast to this design, so that the yellow in this arrangement looks even clearer.

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