Monday, October 28, 2013

New Leaf in TOKYO - 颯爽とした風が、ロンドンから東京へ

This is one of her beautiful creations - そんな彼女の作品の一つです。

I have just heard a great NEWS! One of my dear colleagues is planning to resume her TABLE Co-Ordinating classes in TOKYO from November. We did not have a chance to share a work place in London, but I always admired her work - taking orders, delivering her creations here in London, as well as running ever so popular classes.




I actually have been to her class a few times to be nosy. Naturally, there was this deep understanding of table setting, soft furnishing, and flower designs. The great thing about her is that she is not a precious princess - she is so down to earth! Works hard, laughs out loud, yet never forgets to be grateful. 

Now, it is time for people in Japan to be able to experience it in first hand!
I must make a reservation for my seat when I go to Tokyo.

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