Tuesday, March 26, 2013

S-shape (Hogarth line) Arrangement - S型(ホガースシェイプ)アレンジを作って


Up-date from the weekly classes...by the way, are we experiencing colder temperature now than the actual deep winter a few weeks back?? 


This is Yumi's arrangement. Roses can be too rigid for this type of design, however, Yumi has created this lovely flow in this design with some white roses. Its interesting material combination is another winning ponit, too.


Rei has made this arrangement. This suntrap corner next to a big window looks even brighter with this beautifully bright design. Although there weren't that many flowers used here, each stem was showing off its beauty of line very well.


This arrange was made by Toshimi. By keeping the overall design rather simple, one can appreciate the beauty of material - especially this sweeping twigs with movement. A perfect design for early Spring - even those red Anemones looked cool and quiet.

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