Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The class starts from 2nd Feb - 冬のクラスは2月2日より



2012 has arrived.

I feel grateful that I was able to see a new year arriving - sounds naff, I know, but I honestly thought of this and felt it on New Year's Day. Now, it has bee a few years since LivingSeasons was born, and I think it is gradually establishing small roots and, maybe, a couple more leaves on top of it - it is all because of you. Thank you.


A new term starts from 2nd Feb 2012 on the same premises as last year. The agenda will be as follows:

1)植物が自生する姿を象徴化した、植生的なスタイルを用いたVegetative up-right(こちらは恵子さんの作品です)
1) Vegetative up-right Arrangement - plant material would be arranged in natural but highly symbolised way. (The arrangement on the right is created by Keiko)

2) Pot-El-Fleur - arranging both plants and cut flowers all together in one container, which might be quite useful as a gift.

3) 植物のラインと存在感を見せつけてかっこ良くつくりたいLimited Hand-Tied (こちらは路子さんによる作品です)
3) Limited Hand-Tied - a stylish minimal design with very few plant material. (The bouquet on the right was made by Michiko)

4)フレームを使って花瓶のアレンジのかっこ良く決めるFrame Vase Arrangement (こちらも路子さんによる作品です)
4) Frame Arrangement with a Frame - simple, yet stylish way of creating a vase arrangement with hand-made frame.(This design was also created by Michiko)

5)市販のブーケホルダーを使って、ウェディングブーケ作りに挑戦してみましょう。With a BQ holder(こちらは恵さんによる作品です)
5) Design with a BQ Holder - creating a wedding bouquet with commercially available Bouquet holder, which has a piece of water retaining form.(The bouquet on the right was arranged by Meumi)

You might like to be more adventurous on this term, as most design have space to express yourself.

On Basic Class, the menu is Round, Front Facing, Hand-Tied, Vase arrangement and Crescent design. Let's create some beautiful designs with your own flowers.



Now, you can buy some foliage at Hampstead class for £3. This is entirely an optional. I really would like to provide foliage with Bloomsbury class, too, however, at the moment, it is not possible due to its storage restriction. If you are interested in joining the class, but not sure what you do in the class, why don't you come and see the class one day? We are not going to bite you, so don't worry! Come along, and say hello to us.

It still is grey winter, but there are some signs of new season approaching. Maybe you would like to feel it by having some fresh flowers in your room? So, shall I see you in the class?

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