Friday, February 18, 2011

Hampstead Flower Festival - フラワーフェスティバルからvol.7

こちらは佳奈子さんのしつらえによるテーブルコーディネートです。“Tea in the Country"と名付けられていました。
This is a fabulous Table setting designed by Kanako. "Tea in the Country" was its title.

This is Emi's design titled "Autumn".

This is Atsuko's Round arrangement: its title was "Modern".

This is Atsuko's teble setting with eye-catching arrangement.

This is Natasche's decoration around a Pipe Organ. With many various small vases, Natasche has created a wonderful display. It was too big to capture on a single picture: hence, this is just a part of the decoration!

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