Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fan Shape-扇型(ファン=シェイプ)アレンジ

Originally, it is rather heavy classic shape, but in the class, our approach to this design is a little bit more modern....

This is Saiko's design for Flower Festival 2010. It evokes a lovely sense of welcoming Autumn; very eye catching and beautiful. During the Flower Festival, it really attracted so many people's attention in front of the alter.

Keiko has created this dreamy, soft frosty design. Its colour scheme matches visual texture very well.

桂子さんの作品は、大人っぽい落ち着いた色合わせです。作品自体はシンプルな構成ですが,それぞれの花材が効果的に使われていますね。This arrangement is from Keiko, who combines chic colours. The design looks simple, yet, Keiko maximises the beauty of each material here.

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