Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IPM in Essen - ドイツ、エッセンでのIPM

IPM is an annual exhibition held in Essen, Germany. The core theme is a horticulture matter, however, there is a florist competition and show for sundries. It is beyond a gardening show. People visit this even not only from within Europe, but from all overthe world. People are taking mamo to jot down the design ideas, making some business talk on the satnd with big smiles on their faces... My colleague, K, kindly showed me around the show, but itwas full of great techniques and fresh approaches to floristry. There were some chances to meet up new people, and to catch up some familiar faces, too! All the experience yet again gave me so much power to 'keep going on', and left the venue feeling like staying there a bit more. K, thank you ever so much for your kindness and hospitality. I really enjoyed the show! Did you get home safely?

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