Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hana-Jikan (Japanese Flower Magazine) - 花時間11月号

Hana-Jikan - I have been reading this magazine since I was in Japan. Last year, luckily, I had a chance to be featured in this magazine. The editor had kindly sent me a couple of copy of this issue, but I could not open the page I was on for a while. I guess I was a little bit nervous and shy... Anyway, this article has brought me some voices from my colleagues working with flowers. Some of them are no longer in business, though. Among these, 'I have opened my shop' was from Hitomi. She is now a proud owner of her own shop called Cocon Tohzai. The shop has a huge window, and filled with her aura: lots of vitality, yet very delicate. Colourful and smiling town, Osaka, is her base now. I am very much looking forward to seeing what FLOWER she will bring up there. My colleague in Osaka. Why don't you have a look at her web site?

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