Thursday, April 26, 2012

Front Facing Hand-Tied - 三方見の花束をかっこ良く束ねて


When you order a Hand-Tied bouquet in a flower shop, they will create a lovely bunch of flowers in a posy style in most cases. There is nothing wrong in this style, however, it is hard to show the beauty of lines and movement in this style... Hence, we are making Front Facing Hand-Tied here in Advanced Class.

The top right photo is from Kuniko's first creation. You can see the beauty of movement and line in this bouquet. Once, I have read a book explaining that flowers in a room make the room feels 3 degree warmer, and your heart feels 3 degree warmer, too. The picture is just like the room I read before.

The next one is also from Kuniko, but this is her second creation. She enhances the movement in this bouquet by adding some autumnal Rose hips. Beautiful.

こちらの作品は裕季子さんによるもの。クルクマとグラジオラスをあしらい、とても軽やかに(実際にはとても重いのですが、、、)立体感をつけて仕上げられていますね。This photo is from Yukiko. Curcuma and Gladiolus are so graphical and controlled well, yet the bouquet looks so light, even though it is really heavy! The bouquet's colour scheme delivers summer breeze to you.

This Hand-tied is made by Sanae. You can see how patiently and carefully she assembled all those many stems into a bouquet: there is no single criss-cross. The result is the beautiful spiral mechanics, with a dramatic composition!


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Rika-san, thnak you for your comment! You have made a lovely hand-tied the other day, so it will be your turn next to create this style? And, yes, you will be able to make this style soon. By the way, how is your back?? Hope your bump is not straining your back.