Monday, March 05, 2012

Special Gift 特別な人への贈り物を、花で


ちらはナターシャさんのギフトアレンジメントです。丁寧に麦を編まれてアレンジのボディーを創られています。そこに添えられた花々は、まるで包み紙からこぼれ出てきた秋の木の実達のようですね。見る人の心を和ませてくれる、そんなアレンジだと思いませんか?This is Natascha’s gift design. Its body is a fruit of patience and effort: binding each wheat one by one! Just like full of Autumnal nuts and berries, bursting out of wrapping bag, the arrangement is filled with joy and happiness. There is a lucky person who has received this beautiful arrangement in London!


This bouquet was made by Kanako as a gift for an elegant lady. Very feminine, seasonal and, of course, elegant! Another success in this design is orange tulips!

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