Saturday, February 04, 2012

Frame Hand-Tied-フレームを使った花束


This is created by Keiko. Happy spring flowers in this design were almost bursting out of this beautifully crafted frame/cage. A beautiful composition with fresh colour and sense of growth.


This frame hand-tied was designed by Keiko. Some fresh spring flowers were arranged along with this bird’s nest-like frame well, like some eggs sitting in it. Keiko ‘s choice of material was also very charming.


This hand-tied is created by Yumi. Cool selection of spring flowers were dancing on a natural frame. This hand-tied did not have that many stems in it, but look, it stood up very well!


This hand-tied is designed by Yoko. Its sophisticated coolness was enhanced by its long tail. Yoko kept some negative space so that the fame itself also showed beauty. This is another key factor for good design!


This is Kuniko’s design. When Kuniko created this frame, she added an extra layer to give a sense of depth and space. Those beautiful summer flowers dancing on the frame were a gift with summer breeze! Grouping design scheme also enhanced this modern design.

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