Tuesday, August 09, 2011

今秋のお題- Agenda for this week

It seems like The Summer has briefly come back to London - what a joy! To be honest, I was almost convinced that Autumn was on its way, but now, for this week, London is under beautiful blue sky.
For the next 2 weeks, we are practicing Front Facing Arrangements with Basic Class, and Bow-shape Arrangements with Advance Class.

こちらは百合さんによるフロントフェーシング=アレンジです。植物の持つ”顔”を見つけ出して、それが生きるようにアレンジする練習です。これもアレンジの基礎ですが、応用の利くデザインですので是非身に付けましょうね。This is Yuri's design. It is a good design to practice finding FACES of flowers and foliages. Again, this is one of the basic designs, but it is also quite versatile - can be used as a gift. So, let's practice!

With Advanced Class, we will be practicing Bow-shape Arrangements as well, and this is designed by Kuniko. This is also a very formal design as the previous weeks. Let's pay attention to the beauty of lines in material, and bring some elegance to your own house!

London has been experience some unrest... Hope the calm air back to the town soon.

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