Sunday, May 15, 2011

Agenda for this week - 今週のお題

There you go, we have a couple of new agendas for the following 2 weeks!

With Basic Class, our agenda is Front Facing Arrangement. It is such a standard design, so, perhaps, you might have seen one or two similar arrangements in churches - next to alter? (Well, we are not really going to make that size - a bit smaller in the class!) Let's make it elegant!
こちらの作品は、美穂さんによるものです。This design is created by Miho.

With Advance Class, we are making Parallel Vertical design. It is one of those so-called 'MODERN' designs. The key feature in this design is to show beauty of growing force in plants. In order to arrange materials, let's pay attention to negative space in designs.
こちらは、恵子さんによる作品です。This is Keiko's design.

ご興味のある方、是非クラスにおいで下さい。Do come and join the class!

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