Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Agenda for this week - 今週のお題

The new season has arrived.
The lights has become clearer, and now dancing on newly born leaves. It is the time when apple blossom turns into small archetype of fruits.
It is also a new season for LivingSeasons. For the next 2 weeks, we are practicing Round Arrangements with Basic class, and Landscape Arrangements with Advance Class.

こちらは佳奈子さんの作られたラウンドアレンジです。This is Kanako's work.

Round Arrangements are very fair designs; everyone suppose to have visually similar amount of flowers. Have you seen it on a wedding party, perhaps?

こちらはナターシャさんが作られたランドスケープ=アレンジです。This is Natascha's design.

Through the lessons, you will acquire design skills as well as technique to materialise it.

ご興味のある方、是非クラスにおいで下さい。Do come and join the class!

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