Friday, October 01, 2010

Vegetative Round ベジタティブアレンジ

There are different style in Round Arangements - Traditonal style is not the only one! So, here we are, they are Vegetative style created at Hampstead Class.
こちらは恵さんの作品です。燃えるようなオレンジのダリアとそこに寄り添う紫のカラー.対照的な色と質感が印象的ですね。This is Megumi's design. Hot dahlias and cool Zantedeschia - they create such a strong visual impact!

This is also from Megumi.Such a contrast from her previous work: so cool and so soft. A good choice of foliage, too.

This is created by Michiko. A beautiful shape design! Combination of the material and their balance are superb.

This one is also from Michiko. Look at the colour of Roses and Hydrangeas!

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