Friday, November 10, 2006

Front Facing Arrangements - 伝統的なアレンジを作って

Front Facing Arrangement is one of the styles we take on our classes. Yes, in both morning and evening classes. The top one is from Rika, from Hampstead Morning class. You can see the elegant lines of Cream Euphorbia fulgens enhancing the beauty of this substantial arrangement. The chosen colour scheme also looks so good in the room, doesn't it? The middle photo is Tomokos' work, from Bloomsbury Evening class. Orange Leucosperumums with wild bush such as Berzelia and Brunia albiflora are cleverly used in this arrangement. This combination of the material is so her! Tomoko also picked some dry materials from parks and gardens, and they bring more visual interest into this beautiful Autumnal arrangement.The bottom picture is from Ethaar from Evening class. The style is Front Facing, but this is in a vase, without any use of mechanic such as water retaining foam here. Generous use of foliage in this arrangement really creates visual depth to it, as well as its distinctive shape. A touch of blue in colour, a touch of class in this arrangement.

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